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We managed to get out to Chudleigh's Apple Farm again this year. We tried to be as safe as possible, keeping distance and wearing masks on the play structure where it was difficult to keep distance from the maskless masses.

Getting a family photo was challenging. Usually I flag down a bystander and hand them my camera, but I didn't want to get near anyone or have anyone touch my camera, which I hold up to my face. Instead, I brought a tripod and used the timer to take some photos. After we had tried taking about five photos with the timer, some random kids walked up and asked to be in our photo, so I took one last picture with them behind us. When I looked at the photos back home, that turned out to be the only usable photo of the bunch, so I spent half an hour photoshopping the random kids out of it so that we could use it as our family photo this year.

However, for my Picture Of The Week, I decided to use this photo instead because I like it a bit better than the traditional family photo. The kids are posing for Angela's cell phone, which is why they aren't looking at my camera, but that's OK.

Technical Details: This photo was taken with my 5D Mark II + EF 17-40L at 40mm, ISO 400, f/4 for 1/1250th of a second.

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