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Before construction started on our road, I didn't realize that there was a road allowance that went straight into the forest just down the road from our house. Apparently the road allowance even has a name: "Cecelia St". The ground here is only about a foot of topsoil at most, with limestone bedrock underneath, so they have been using a huge jackhammer starting at 7am every morning to break through the rock. The kids and Ihave been going on walks on the weekend to check out the progress.

The photo on the left is the new Cecilia Street. I'm not sure if they are actually going to pave it or just install the services and plant grass on top.

The photo on the right was taken on a different day. After I took the picture, Aila grabbed my phone and used the built-in editing software to add the text.

Technical Details: These photos were taken with my Pixel 4.

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