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Finna took part in her first Easter Egg Hunt this year! The kids all had fun gathering eggs from the ground in Bissell Park.

Aila, Kai and Finna were all in different age categories. The age category that Aila was in was extremely fast-paced. From the time the referee said "go" to the time that the last egg was picked up was almost exactly ten seconds. Aila and I had worked out a strategy before hand because she wanted to make sure she got at least one "big" egg. I devised a strategy and explained it to her. (Keep staring at a big egg and make a beeline to it when the ref says "go".) She observed the location of two big eggs, then executed the plan flawlessly and managed to get both of them. She was very excited that the plan worked.

Finna's age category was a little slower-paced. Instead of a bunch of kids running around, it was a bunch of parents trying to show their toddlers how to pick eggs up off the ground. She had a lot of fun picking the eggs up, putting them in her basket, then taking them out and putting them back on the ground so that she could repeat the process. She must have picked up the same set of eggs at least four times.

Technical Details: This photo was taken with my 5D Mark II + EF 24-105L at 82mm, ISO 400, f/8 for 1/160th of a second.

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