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Angela and I took two weeks of vacation this summer. We spent one week getting stuff done around the house, and the next week going on a trip. In between, we took the kids to Mapleton's Organic Dairy Farm. We hadn't been there in a while, and figured it would be a relatively safe place to go since most of it is outdoors.

We visited the cows and the other animals, and then headed into the cedar hedge maze to find the pirate ship at the centre. After watching Frozen 2 a bunch of times, Finna was excited to explore the "wrecked" ship.

By the way, the maze at Mapleton's is incredibly devious. There is no easy way to get to the centre... you have to follow a really convoluted path and it takes forever. On the way out we encountered some people who were lost in the maze, and they asked for help getting out. I told them there was no easy way, but suggested they follow us. Luckily I'm somewhat familiar with the maze and managed to find the way out without going down too many dead ends.

I wish the satellite photos of the maze were a little higher resolution so that I could print off a map for the next time I'm there! (You can zoom in on the Google Map below to get a half-decent view of the maze).

Technical Details: These photos were taken with my 5D Mark II + EF 17-40L.

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