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Like many people this year, we have been severely limiting our social interactions. However, some friends of ours from Fergus suggested we try a "socially distanced" outing on the Grand River behind our house. They brought a bunch of inflatables and some rope, we loaded our whole family into the canoe, and we towed them up and down the river.

Social distancing broke down a little bit when Aila decided to jump out of the canoe and go for a swim. (That is her standing up in the middle of the river in the distance.) But otherwise, it was a successful outing and fun time with our friends. I learned something new as well: It is nearly impossible to steer a canoe when you are towing something. No matter which way you try to go, the rope pulls the canoe back around, as if to say: "No, you are going straight".

Technical Details: This photo was taken by Angela with my Apeman 1080P.

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