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I received some swag from work in January. Although Google's logo is traditionally very colourful, they have really toned it down for their employee swag. It is probably a safety thing, especially for the backpacks... I guess employees walking around downtown areas with big bright Google logos on everything may attract the wrong type of attention.

It's hard to see from this photo, but the Google logo and the "Stadia Team" text is black stitching on black canvas, and is actually quite difficult to see under normal lighting situations. For the water bottle, I didn't notice the "Stadia Team" text at all until someone told me it was there and I went looking for it. It is incredibly subtle, and even holding the water bottle in my hand now as I type this, it took me several seconds to find it again even though I know exactly where it is.

Technical Details: These photos were taken with my Pixel 4.

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