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This Saturday was the University of Waterloo Alumni Day at the Toronto Zoo, so Angela and I decided to meet up with Tanya, Jason and Chloe to go check it out. In addition to the regular zoo exhibits, we got an all you can eat buffet lunch, some UW swag, and we got to meet some of the animals up close!

The weather held out until after lunch, which was great. It started raining as we headed to Stingray Bay to see the sharks and stingrays, but we still had a fun time.

At lunch, we got to meet this beautiful Concave Casqued Hornbill on the right. It grew up around humans and is very docile. It likes taking naps on people's shoulders. :)

We also got to meet Alice the 13 year old Bactrian Camel, who was also very well behaved around people, and didn't seem to mind the crowds at all!

Technical details: These images were taken with my Rebel XT + kit lens at 25mm (left) and 27mm (right), ISO 200, f/5.6 for 1/200th of a second (left) and 1/400th of a second (right).


Love all the photos you post mike ... 
Souds like you had a great time ... I am
sorry we had to miss out :( 
-- Kim at 9:45am, Tuesday July 28, 2009 EST

Just watched a documentary about how the over-sized bill of birds is for body
heat management while sleeping.  Most birds tuck their bill into their sides
while they sleep for warmth.  Big billed birds do the same, but the bill
retains heat where the body wont.  Then the bird goes through a couple of
periods of arousal over the course of the night where it transfers heat from
the bill into its body to stay alive.
-- Chad at 8:52am, Tuesday August 4, 2009 EST

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