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It has been over 10 years since I bought a new computer. Part of the motivation was that Aila has pretty much completely taken over my old computer, and it is difficult for me to get time on it now. Another motivating factor was that I wanted to play around with AI image generation and hardware accelerated raytracing, and my old PC wasn't quite cutting it anymore.

This time, I splurged a little bit and went for some higher end parts. I still tried to select only parts that were on sale, and wound up saving over $400 in total from the normal retail price. The full part list can be viewed at that link, and is summarized below:

This case doesn't have any drive bays, so I also picked up an external card reader (for offloading photos from my camera) and an external optical drive. I chose a white case because I'm expecting to get a special keyboard from work (which will be featured in an upcoming POTW) and I wanted it to match as much as possible.

Preliminary results: I'm extremely happy with the performance of this new machine! Also, my old machine is still working great, so Aila has a pretty decent gaming machine, even if it is over a decade old!

Technical Details: This photo was taken with my Pixel 6.

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