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As a "Welcome to Spring" social activity at work, they announced a bird watching contest during the month of March. Participants would get one point for each species of bird that they saw, and one additional point for each species of bird that they photographed. I figured it would be a good excuse to go outside for at least a few minutes each day, so I signed up. I used the contest as an excuse to buy an "ultra telephoto" lens, as my 70-300mm wasn't quite cutting it on my full frame camera.

This is the lens I decided to get: The Tamron 150-600 G2. You know it is a big lens when it comes with a free backpack. One of my coworkers said "the only thing I know about that lens is that it weighs more than my camera and all of my lenses combined". I will be posting the results of the bird watching contest soon, and hopefully I will get the opportunity to use this lens more during the rest of the year as well.

Technical Details: These photos were taken with my Pixel 4.

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