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I finally got a roll of film developed that I started Easter weekend. My goal when I bought the film was to take some pictures of the night sky. Unfortunately, due to some mysterious circumstances, my night sky pictures didn't turn out. I blame the photo lab, and hopefully next time I can be more firm with them to develop the pictures anyway. However, the other pictures on the roll turned out, including this one. This was taken at Dows Lake in Ottawa on Victoria Day weekend, which was the last weekend of the Tulip Festival. The fireworks show was very short, perhaps due to the rain. This picture was actually a mistake, because I forgot that I had set the camera to a 30 second exposure time for my astronomy photos. It turned out really well though, so here it is for you to enjoy.


I'm surprised a 30 second exposure didn't completely wash out the film with the

Nice Picture.
-- AK

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